Tips to overcome your fear of making Candid pictures!

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2 on October 23, 2017

For my first attempts in Street Photography I was nervous about making candid pictures of strangers in public. I started off using a telephoto lens but found I was disconnected from the scene and made it harder for me to,

  • See when the subject did something interesting or made an interesting expression
  • Focus reliably
  • Isolate my main subject from the crowd

Most of my picture were of people’s backs.

I changed my lens to a 35mm f1.8 and moved closer to the people. The market was a great location with interesting people where people were focused on their own activity rather than me!

In places it was quite dark which allowed me to play with the light to create more interesting pictures

When I stopped for a coffee break I noticed that the decor made for an interesting background. I just had to wait for fewer people to wait in the line or to do something interesting!

My tips for overcoming your fear of Street Photography

  • Smile a lot!
  • Focus on your composition and making more interesting pictures will divert your attention away from your fear!
  • Try places where people are doing something so aren’t focused on you making pictures
  • Build your confidence in easier locations first’
  • Look past your subject so they think your are making a picture of something else
  • Use live view so it doesn’t look like you are taking a photo
  • If using your viewfinder, keep looking through it for a while after making your pictture until your subject walks past you!
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