STREET CLUB Week 5: Gestures

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Only Two More Weeks of STREET CLUB

Photo by @elida06

Eric and I (Cindy) are so humbled by the photos, critique, and progress of everyone participating in STREET CLUB! Our dream was to create an educational platform for photographers and artists to learn from one another through giving and receiving constructive feedback and new ideas.

It’s not too late to join, just make a free account on the Eric Kim FORUM and submit to the weekly assignments.

> Check out all the previous week’s submissions and video reviews here.

Video Review & Announcement of Prizes

Last week, Eric reviewed the photos from the last assignment ‘SUBTRACT, SUBTRACT, SUBTRACT’ and announced that (on behalf of HAPTIC as a thank you for your awesome work) we will award two grand prizes for submissions to STREET CLUB. We will announce the two grand prize winners in the last assignment review video (in two weeks). Submit to the next two assignments and leave constructive feedback to increase your chances of winning!

Best photo submitted during STREET CLUB will receive the limited edition VITRUVIAN CAMERA by Annette Kim.

VITRUVIAN CAMERA is ARTWEAR — to inspire yourself everyday, to pay homage to the artistic masters of the past, and to also pave your own path in photography. VITRUVIAN CAMERA is an original artwork hand sketched by Annette Kim. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, Annette researched the history and science of camera design in order to produce this conceptual camera.


HAPTIC PRESS BOX – Photo by @captivatingtheunseen

Best critique submitted during STREET CLUB will receive the limited edition HAPTIC PRESS BOX.

The box includes all of our current HAPTIC PRESS books:


Examples of GESTURES. Sneak peek of page from new MASTERS book.

This week, go out and take new photos that capture gestures. Post 1 photo to this thread and leave constructive feedback on at least 3 other photos.
Gestures in photos can convey strong emotions photography.
What is a gesture? It can be facial gestures: someone smiling, someone frowning, someone making a funny face. It can be a hand-gesture (someone slumped over a table with his/her arm covering their face, someone pointing, someone with their hands on their knees, etc). It can also be movement (someone running, blurry, arms or legs extended). Do not photograph people just walking with their hands and stiff and by their sides. If you are interacting with your subject, talk and engage with them (comment on their hair, their glasses, directions) and capture their movement as they speak.

Eric and I will be on the road working on new projects with HAPTICLABS in Japan, but we will leave a video review on Monday August 14 (Japan time).

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Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. No w that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys

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