Portofolio Critique: Kenneth.

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4 on June 21, 2017

Who am I?

I’m Kenneth, 22 years old this year, living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What do I love about photography?

It feels like a catharsis, and a visual exercise for me. It also provides a mean to connect with other people.

My photography goals are:

To best myself with every new photographs.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Photo 3:

Photo 4:

Photo 5:

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3 on June 21, 2017

Photo 1: excellent subject matter, but a tad out of focus? Or maybe it’s just the upload or my screen. It seems this restaurant is only cooking one thing!

Photo 2: nicely framed, excellent lines, but I feel that I have seen many photos of railway platforms just like it. I need something to make this unique.

Photo 3: Phenomenal photograph. I love how the roof, the table, and the pole frame the rest of the shot. Every item in the stall raises questions. The light and dark areas are perfect, too. A perfect example of how to take a soulful street photo with nobody in it.

Photo 4: This photo rewards me the more I look at it. I’m fascinated by how nature has overrun the crops, emphasizing the futility of the man’s labor, and how society is walled off on the other side of the road. And who are the people under the shelter?

Photo 5: I see a lot of these photos — a large billboard with a picture of a person, with a real person passing by. The door adds some interest, especially given how it frames the pedestrian, but overall it still feels a bit cliche.

on June 23, 2017

Thanks for the feedback! As for your question: it’s sorta a resting camp for the guy on the photo (and probably for another farmers as well but idk). For the photo 1, it’s tad out of focus but I kinda like it because of the surreal vibe that it emanates.

P.S: There’s a person on the third photo lol, but he isn’t the main focus of the photo.

on June 23, 2017

Regarding the third photo: so there is!  I can’t believe I didn’t notice it.  That makes photo even more intriguing.

on June 23, 2017

look closely and you will find him 😉 lol. Thanks for the nice feedback!

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