My new Ricoh GR II

Updated on July 4, 2017 in Photography
1 on July 4, 2017

After watching Eric’s videos reviewing his GR I became obsessed with the idea of having one for myself. I watched every video on Youtube and read just about every blog post i could find on this camera.

The conclusion was that if you own this camera you love it. It’s an APS-C sized sensor that fits comfortably in your jeans pocket.

Im still getting used to the camera but so far I really like it.

I thought i was going to strictly shoot in black and white but i have found I really like shooting in Possitive film jpeg simulation.

With that said i would like to share two photos with you. One in color and one in black and white.

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0 on July 4, 2017

SOOC High Contrast Black and White resized for web.

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