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They’re produced by the very best degree developers who will be distinguished for your polo dress creating. You’ll find polo Ron Lauren inside exclusive array which include particular classes for men, women.

Vakantiehuis Limburg België

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There are games that seem impossible to complete, but are they really? Impossible Game will give you the most correct answer.

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One can access the Netgear router login portal via the setup web address. In case you are facing a problem in accessing the login page via a web address, you can take instant help from our expert technicians. 

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In fact, director Bong seems to be deceptive. Along with the cruel message that the poor will never
be able to rise, those who watched this movie and shouted “Gorges-Bravo-Korea” at the Cannes

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e film, which simply covers and expands the word poverty with laziness, evokes the
notion that real poverty comes because it is lazy (which is commonly injected by the upper class).
That’s why I’m afraid. The word poverty is one word, but its insides are all different. In addition,
in an age of all kinds of insects, I don’t want you to ask yourself if it’s a parasite.

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Pool shop near me

Poolwise living is a Perth-based online pool store that delivers swimming pool and spa chemicals, pumps, filters, and other pool equipment right to your door. We are a large Australian pool chemical producer, so buying directly from us saves you money while also ensuring the quality and safety of the items you’re buying.

We have most types of pumps, chlorinators, and a variety of pool cleaners and filters at our retail pool shop near me. Pool equipment at the best prices can be found in Perth, and we strive to give our clients with the simplest goods and services possible, ensuring that your pools are well-maintained and fun to swim in.

Why are there so many Australians wanting to visit us?

  • High-quality items with guarantees
  • Quick delivery to your house
  • Tailored services from the most basic employees
  • High-quality establishments in a variety of places

Swimming Pool Equipment

We sell pumps, sand filters, salt chlorinators, pool cleaners, automated pool cleaners, chemicals, and a range of other items. For example we sell solar-powered heating regulators and pool heaters, we sell pool covers, rollers, and a range of other pool accessories.

Replacing Pool Equipment

It is best idea to contact us first if you’ve decided to replace your pool equipment. This way, we can discuss what you already have and what a good replacement might be. There’s nothing worse than replacing your pool’s goods with something less expensive; it’s vital for the health of your pool and your family that each piece of pool hardware is properly measured so that we can achieve the proper sterilization levels to keep your pool clean and hassle-free throughout the year.

Our pool pumps are manufactured in Australia and are of the highest quality.

  • Davey Pumps
  • Davey Zodiac
  • Onga Pentair
  • Waterco

Filters for swimming pools

When choosing the correct pool filter, consider the amount of regular maintenance, the moderateness of the options available to you, and therefore the competency of the options available to you. A sand pool filter, which is simple to operate and affordable, is a good choice. In-ground pools, it seem to be a popular option in suburban areas. Pool Equipment Price provides the widest selection of sand filters in Perth, including top-of-the-line brands. Zodiac Sand Filters are the finest choice for durable, easy-to-use pool filters. We also have a big range of Series filters, which were designed in Australia and have been a popular pool filter in recent years.

Pool Equipment

A self-driven robotic pool cleaner functions independently of the pool’s filtration system. Pool robot cleaners have a reputation for being more effective than other types of pool cleaning. At local pool shop near me, robotic pool cleaners Perth is one of the most popular product categories. It is the most innovative and dedicated group of swimming pool operators in the Australian business. With so many new robots on the market, it’s worth thinking about why this is occurring and what sets robots apart from traditional cleaning equipment. One option is to utilise money as a source of opportunity. Robots feature a multitude of end-client highlights as compared to any other pool cleaner.

Robotic cleaner for pools

Pool robot cleaners are considered to be less complex than other automatic pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners in Perth is one of the most quickly growing product categories in local pool shop near me. It is Australia’s most creative and steadfast pool owners’ meeting. With so many new robots on the market, it’s worth thinking about why this happens so frequently and what distinguishes robots from conventional cleaning equipment. Offering a profit incentive is one option. Robots have a number of advantages over any surviving pool cleaners in terms of end-client benefits.

Filtration on its own

Our Davey Chromatic high-level electronic Salt chlorinators were all perfect and shining, and they were really simple to operate. We also have a diverse selection of manufacturers. Pool filters may be transported into and out of the pool, but they can also scrub the water’s surface. Some brushes are made to function silently and efficiently. High-quality products with warranties. If you’re interested in the Vortex-Pro, please contact us. The most powerful are pool heaters.

You might want to consider a sand pool filter, which is both easy to use and inexpensive. In residential areas, they’re a popular choice for in-ground pools. The largest selection of sand filters in Perth, produced by the top manufacturers, is available at Pool Equipment Selling Price. For trustworthy, easy-to-use swimming filters, Zodiac Sand Filters are a good choice. We also have a variety of Australian-designed collecting filters that have proven to be a dependable alternative for pools in recent years. If you need to save water rapidly, one of our cartridge filters could be a good option.

Delivery or Installation?

If you find a pool shop near me, you have the choice of requesting and learning your items in our Perth store or having them sent to your home. Professional installation services are available from us. In our Morley (Perth, WA) store, we have a variety of the most well-known brands of pool equipment and accessories. If you live in the Perth metropolitan area, we promise daily low pricing on all pool goods that we offer and deliver directly to your home.


Visit our website:

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Minecraft is a game about survival, exploration, and creativity. If you want to become an expert at building in the Minecraft world, then this article will be perfect for you! We are going to discuss some of the best tips for amazing Minecraft building. These include choosing the right texture pack and using light as your friend.

Minecraft is a popular game that many people enjoy because of its creative aspect. You can build whatever you want in this game, and there are no limits to what you can do. This article will provide some tips for creating amazing buildings in Minecraft!

acmarket minecraft download

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Need HND assignments help? Get the best quality content at a single touch. We offer quality content at a reasonable cost.

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Employment Connect ecHub began out of the desire to contribute to the community employment issues, just as the community is fedup of searching for jobs in ways they do not understand over the years.

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Employment Connect ecHub began out of the desire to contribute to the community employment issues, just as the community is fedup of searching for jobs in ways they do not understand over the years.

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What brand of hair extensions are the best?

The finest hair extension brand is the one that matches your budget and meets your expectations. Sorry, but it’s true: “the ‘best’ extensions will completely depend on your budget, skill level, and the style you’re looking for,” hairstylist and head of extensions education at Kmxtend Hair Extensions. If you only want longer hair, a cheap $75 color ring hand tied extensions from Amazon would better option. However, if you want your extensions to appear like genuine hair and to be able to reuse them throughout your life, you should invest in high-quality, 100 percent Remy hair from a reputable brand link Kmxtend hair extensions.

What are the different types of hair extensions?

The most common types of extensions you’ll hear about are as follows:

  • Clip-ins: pre-clipped hair extensions that snap into place at the base of your own hair.
  • Tape-ins: pre-taped extensions that a stylist tapes or glues along your roots.
  • Sew-ins: also called as weaves, are extensions that a hairdresser sews on your braided hair with a needle and thread.
  • Keratin extensions: small strands of extensions that are heated and attached to tiny strands of your own hair using a keratin-based adhesive by a specialist.
  • I-tips: strands of extensions that are crimped to strands of your own hair using a flattened microbeads without using heat or adhesive by a professional.
  • Hand tied: The term “hand tied extensions” refers to how wefts are attached to your natural hair. Your hairstylist will first divide your hair into parts. They’ll take little sections of hair at a time from here. Then they’ll gently put little silicone-lined beads in the hair and fasten them.

Other products that we have:

  • 3d mink lashes: The design is unique, as is the meaning of 3D: “3D implies three-dimensional, resulting in fuzzy layered ends that do not lay flat.” Mink lashes maintain their curl better than regular fake lashes, thus the 3D method appears more appealing on mink lashes.
  • 3D Thinline Lashes: 3D thinline artificial lashes from our vast selection are high-quality human hair lashes created for professional makeup artists and cosmetics enthusiasts across the world.
  • 3d volume lashes: 2D extensions are fuller and are made by attaching a fake lash to each natural lash. You get 3D volume lashes with the 3D eyelash extensions! They’re three times thicker and three times delicious… Caution must be used for those who have thin or sparse natural lashes to prevent weighing them down.

Comparison with other brands

  1. Kmxtend

If the old is gold, then the new might be platinum. Kmxtend hair extension is a new brand. However, as an innovator in introducing unique technology in hair extensions, it has built out a position for itself in the hair extensions industry. This technique enhances the proportion of medium and long length hair by smoothly merging extensions with natural hair, resulting in a fuller and thicker hair tail.

The brand’s hair extensions are comprised of Remy human hair and may last up to 33% longer than other brand’s products. The texture of these extensions will stay silky soft and clutter after several washes. With these extensions, I’m sure you’ll never have to worry about color fading.

Clip-ins, tape-ins, hand tied extensions and Halo hair extensions are among the brand’s more inexpensive hair extension options. Every woman may now make her goal of having gorgeous locks come true not only once, but whenever she wants (be your personal hairstylist wearing easy clip-ins).

Choose the perfect extension shade or experiment with colors and highlights to make your hair stand out.

Apart from motivating girls with reasonably cost hair extensions, the business also offers free color matching and free fast delivery.

  1. Glam Seamless

Since the inception of the idea of hair extensions, glam Seamless has been synonymous with hair extensions.

Tape-in extensions are where the brand shines. But all of you know that tape-in extensions uses glue or other harmful materials for your hair.

The quality of hair extensions is not so good for their price range. You may found other good brands for hair extensions in reasonable price and quality. Even they do not have much colors for hand tied extensions that every client demands.

We do not recommend you to go glam seamless for treatment of your hair.

  1. Maxfull Hair

If you are looking for cheap hair extensions, some persons may recommend you to go to maxfull hairs. Truly it is cheap in price but the quality of hair extensions is very disappointed. Even they have limited color range. You cannot wash your extensions 2-3 times a month. If you do this, your extensions may faded out.



Visit our site.

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Hand Tied Extensions

Hand tied extensions are exactly what they sound like: hair wefts that are hand tied rather than machine-tied. As a result, the wefts are significantly thinner and sit flat against the scalp. They may be layered due to their thin bond, making extensions more customized than before.

Hair extensions have long been a popular technique to boost confidence and add volume and length to your hair. Hand-Tied Hair Extensions have taken Instagram, the industry, and extension enthusiasts by storm, as they provide the most natural-looking and damage-free weft installation technique available.

Hand tied extensions are comparable to beaded wefts, however it cover a larger surface area on your head. Your natural hair is used to create the rows across your head that the wefts are then stitched onto.

Less is more with these extensions! Wefts that are hand tied are thinner, bigger, and lighter than traditional wefts. This “thinness” allows the hair to sit flatter on your head, resulting in a more natural appearance. Because the wefts are bigger and cover a larger area, there is less sewing required, allowing your natural hair to be free of hefty extensions that strain on your head. If you’ve ever had extensions, you’re aware of how inconvenient and exhausting various techniques may be.

Color Technology

We have 18″, 20″, and 22″long hair extensions in stock. Our inventory is in high demand. We receive 2-3 shipments every week and are always busy. If your colour and length are not in stock on the day you place your order, we’ll let you know if it’s on its way to us that week or if we’ll need to place a custom order for it. If you are unable to wait for a custom order, we will provide a refund.

Custom orders for the 16″ and 26″ sets will take up to 3 weeks to complete. If you have any questions, please check Kmxtend hair extensions.

On our colour ring page, you may choose from a variety of colours. If the colour you want isn’t available here, go to this page and select custom colour at checkout.

Here are some of our most common colour combinations for hand tied extensions, but do let us know if you have any special requests and we can create it.

  • ASH


  • Each bundle comes with 112 grams in 6 or 8 wefts per set
  • Half packs are available if you need more hair but not quite full packs. Just email us.
  • Custom grams per weft or higher grams per set is available for order. Just email us
  • Custom colors are available
  • 100% hand tied and authentic hair well cared for
  • Numerous rich color tones to pick from
  • Bulk discounts are available


The advantage of using hand tied extensions is that each weft is hand stitched individually. They’re made with great care, so each weft is extremely strong and doesn’t drop. They are micro thin, less bulky, and less visible than machine wefts. As a result, these hand tied extensions sit closer to the head, reducing the bump caused by machine tied wefts while also being more pleasant. Furthermore, the decreased mass allows for a more natural free flowing solution. Hand tied hair extensions have a more natural look and volume. Hand tied hair extensions are an excellent choice for a more permanent (sewn in) hair solution because of these qualities.


In summary, hand tied extensions

…don’t use messy glue.

…are comfortable to wear.

…are customizable.

…blend seamlessly.

…don’t damage natural hair.

…make you look like an actual princess!


For more information on extensions, check out Kmxtend hair extensions.


Keep in mind that not every hairstylist is trained in hand tied extensions.

Visit for inquiries about getting the mermaid hair that dreams are made of!

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How to install hand tied extensions and how we maintain it for long period of time?


When it comes to extensions, your natural hair is always the most important factor. Hand tied extensions require more preparation to ensure that each weft is put in the best possible spot, thus it takes longer. Hand tied extensions require at least five hours of installation time. We all know that’s enough time to binge watch at least half a season of Friends, so consider this a prior notice and a given.

Typically, 2-4 wefts are sewed into each row when it comes to what is put on your hair. Sometimes one row is perfect, while other times two or three are required. It all depends on the look you want to achieve. During your appointment for hand tied extensions, your stylist will talk about your unique hair goals and what you’ll need to accomplish them.

How you care for your hair after your visit will determine how long your style lasts. “It can last anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks before needing to be renewed.” However, the duration between treatments is determined by how quickly your hair grows and if you are properly caring for your hair. “Hair extensions itself should last longer if properly cared for, and may usually be reused for 6-8 months.”

To release stress on the scalp, you’ll also want to make sure you’re scheduling regular maintenance checkups. “Having them pushed up and removed at the right time can assist to ensure that your hair does not experience too much tension as it grows out.” Even if you’re using hand tied extensions, many stylists recommend detangling, washing, and moisturizing your own hair correctly.

You may anticipate to use the same extensions for around 6-8 months after the original installation. However, depending on how quickly your hair grows, you’ll need to return to the salon every 6-10 weeks to have the extensions pushed higher.

Do hand tied extensions pull out hair & Do Hand-Tied Extensions Work Well With All Hair Types?


It will not harm your hair in any way. Machine wefts, on the other hand, can be thicker and therefore heavier. These can pull the hair down in a manner that hand tied extensions cannot.

Many stylists prefer hand tied extensions for people with straight to wavy hair since the beads lie flatter against the scalp and detangling may be done closer to the root, directly below the beads. Tape-ins work with all hair types, from straight to wavy, and give you a natural-looking finish. Sewn-in wefts are recommended for curlier hair textures.

What does it feel like? Does it hurt?

Hand-Tied Extensions are completely painless! Your hairdresser will handle your natural hair with utmost caution to avoid any tugging or irritation. Furthermore, each weft ensures an equal weight distribution. This results in no pain during application and no harm thereafter.

They will not harm your hair in any way. Hand-tied hair extensions may really help you keep your hair healthy and grow it out if you take care of it properly.


How to take care of hand tied hair extensions?

Care for your hair just like the way you usually would care for your natural hair. 

  Brush the hair daily and massage your scalp

A healthy scalp is the foundation for good hair. If left untreated, product buildup, dandruff, and other scalp problems can damage the rest of your hair. You’re using a sulfate-free, mild shampoo. Due to the sliding of the beads used to implant your hand tied extensions, heavy oils and silicones are not suggested.

  Be careful when washing your hair

If you’re washing your hair at home rather than at a salon, avoid rubbing it. To wash, gently brush the hair at the top of the head along the strands of the roots. Wash the bottom section of your hair normally.

  Do not go to bed with wet hair

You shouldn’t go to bed with wet hair if you have hand tied extensions. If you’re planning to use heat on your hair, such as blow drying, make sure you use a heat protectant first. It’s important to keep heat damage to a minimum.

Aside from that, you honestly treat them as if they were your real hair. After months, you’ll notice that the hair is in fantastic shape, and you may reinstall them even if they’ve been uninstalled for a long!


Visit our site.

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Reasons why you should get hair extension

  1. Length: Have you ever wondered why your hair won’t grow past a certain point? We realize how irritating it is to have hair that refuses to grow past a particular length, no matter how patient, kind, or compassionate you are with it. If this seems like a problem you’re having, hair extensions might be the ideal solution. We guarantee that the long hair you’ve been dreaming of and striving for may be obtained in a matter of minutes.

2.   Color: Have you ever wanted to try trying out different hair colors but were afraid it would look bad? Or you’re concerned that it will damage your hair? All of these ideas are realistic and fair. Hair extensions, on the other hand, make this process simple and easy for you: you may experiment with different colors, finally test out the hombre trend, or finally get the highlights/lowlights you’ve always wanted. All of this is possible without committing to a long-term commitment or risking harm to your hair.

3.   Volume: We realize that hair loss or thinning hair may have a negative effect on your personality. We’re here to assist you – hand tied hair extensions are a fantastic way to regain the volume you previously had. Our 120g line was created with finer hair in mind. Hair extensions might help you feel more at ease in your own skin. From thin to thick, Hair extensions can help you get the additional volume you’ve always wanted with only a few wefts. We offer three different weights at Kmxtend Hair Extensions to accommodate a range of hair types: 120g, 160g, and 220g. 120g sets ideal for those who have fine hair and not much of it. If you want to add some length and volume to your hair while still retaining a natural look, the 160g sets are for you. 220g are for individuals who either have a lot of hair or wish to add length, or who want a more dramatic voluminous look.

4.  Style: Hair extensions quickly enhance the beauty and charm of any hairstyle. You can simply make any plain braid, bun, or ponytail more voluminous and complicated by adding length, volume, and even a splash of color to your hair. You may not even need to utilize your complete set to create more body in your hair; just a few wefts may be enough to give you the length and volume you’ve always wanted. The possibilities are limitless!

5.  No Damage: Yes, that’s correct! Hand tied hair extensions are one of the best hair extension options since they do no damage to your hair, unlike other hair extension options like tape-ins and bonding, which can prevent hair growth and cause damage.


·       Kmxtend

Kmxtend Hair extensions is well-known among fans of high-quality hand tied hair extensions. Balisage extensions, clip-in hair extensions (ranging in length from 12 to 30 inches), quad weft clip-in hair extensions, Seamless clip-in extensions, one-piece clipping volume, hand tied hair extensions, clipping ponytail hair extensions, halo, weave-in extensions, and keratin hair extensions are options available.

The brand’s triple wafted and double drawn hair extension design guarantees that each piece has enough of volume and the correct thickness at the end.

If you are unhappy with the color, feel, or quality of Kmxtend hair extensions, the company offers a money-back guarantee and a simple 60-day return policy.

  • Bellami

Glam Seamless has been linked with hair extensions since the concept of hair extensions was born. The brand shines brightest with tape-in extensions. However, you are all aware that tape-in extensions employ glue or other potentially hazardous chemicals to your hair. Hair extensions are of poor quality for their pricing range. You might be able to find additional nice hair extension brands at a reasonable price and with good quality. Your extensions may faded out. They also don’t offer a lot of colors for hand tied hair extensions, which every client wants. We do not advise you to use glam seamless for hair treatment.


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Hand tied hair extensions

Hair extensions provide you a lot of options. At the drop of a bundle, you may try with numerous lengths, hair colors, and styles. Aside from the many hair options, there are a variety of ways for applying extensions. Clip-ins and sew-ins are two of the most prevalent methods, while hand tied hair extensions are another popular method used by hairstylists in salons. You may have previously spent some time looking through videos to observe the rewarding hand tied hair extensions technique if you’re fascinated by delicate beauty procedures.

This method may also be unfamiliar to you. If you’re thinking about attempting hair extensions, this method may be of interest if you’re searching for a way to maintain your hair healthy by minimizing breakage while adding length and fullness (when properly applied, of course).

Our Stock

We have 18″, 20″, and 22″ in stock. Our inventory is in high demand. We receive 2-3 shipments every week and are always busy. If your color and length are not in stock on the day you place your purchase, we’ll let you know if it’s on its way to us that week or if we’ll need to place a special order for it. If you are unable to wait for a special order, we will provide a refund.

Custom orders for the 16″ and 26″ sets will take up to 3 weeks to complete. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

On our color ring page, you may choose from a variety of colors. If the color you want isn’t available here, go to this page and select custom color at checkout.

Here are some of our most popular color combinations for hand tied hair extensions, but you may let us know if you have any special requests.

Secret tips to make the hair extension fabulous?

Here are 5 exclusive tips only for kmxtend blog readers:

  • To avoid matting, the hair should be combed on a regular basis.
  • The hand tied hair extensions should be handled with more care when showering, cleaning, and drying than it was before the extension.
  • Hair should be washed three to four times each week.
  • It’s not a good idea to go to bed with wet hair or to allow the roots of your hair air dry since this might cause the weft to droop.
  • Instead of tying your hair up with a hair band at night, leave it free.


  • While having your extensions installed, keep in mind that your choice of professional, the weight and color of your extensions largely determine the outcome. Here are a few pros and cons:
  • The least harmful. The hand tied hair extensions process does not use any harmful chemicals or toxins, unlike many other extensions that use glue, chemicals, and other adhesives.
  • It is long-lasting. The wefts grow out with your natural hair and can last up to 8 weeks before needing to be adjusted up or removed.
  • Has the ability to style in any way. Because the bonds could be visible or difficult to move, several types of extensions limit your hairstyles, notably up-dos and high ponies. Hand tied hair extensions may be styled in any way you like, and they flow with your hair naturally.
  • Suitable for most hair types. Wefts were previously considered to be only suited for extremely thick hair since they were so heavy. They are now lightweight enough for most types of hair due to the lightweight hand sewn wefts.


  • Hand tied hair extensions must be done by a professional stylist who has received special training in this area. Do not attempt to apply them yourself because the procedure involves some careful hair sewing. It’s also crucial to get them removed by a hairdresser so that you don’t end up damaging your natural hair.


  • If you have fine or thin hair, this is not the greatest option. Although the wefts are light, they are still stitched into your natural hair, so if your hair is particularly thin or fine, it may not be able to hold the weft.



Visit our site.

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Why kmxtend hand tied hair extensions?

  • Kmxtend hair extensions are of the best quality available. 100% Cuticle, double drawn genuine human hair is used in the hand tied hair extensions.
  • They are entirely hand wafted rather than machine wafted, with ultra-thin wefts that provide the most flawless results while putting less strain on your natural hair roots.
  • The application does not need the use of tape, adhesive, or heat.
  • To meet your needs, a half/single pack is offered.

Kmxtend also offers a thorough tutorial on how to apply hand tied hair extensions. This step-by-step hand tied training can help you increase your revenue right now! All of the equipment needed to perform the application are included in kmxtend hand tied course. You can get everything you need in one place. Kmxtend despises having you learn from inexperienced or uncertified stylists who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of hand tied hair extensions method.

How to maintain hand tied hair extension?

Extending the life of the extensions and preventing damage to both the extensions and your natural hair is possible with proper maintenance. Hair extensions may last anywhere from 9 to 18 months depending on how well you take care of it.

Hair growth pulls the extensions down, causing damage to both the extensions and your natural hair. Apart from having periodic move-ups at a salon, there are a few daily maintenance suggestions you can follow to keep your hand tied hair extensions looking great even weeks after installation.

  • Depending on how oily your hair is, clean it once or twice a week. After your hair gets clean, start at the bottom and work your way up, removing knots with your wet brush while holding onto the tops of your wefts. Brushing all the way to the top of the weft is crucial, but you don’t want to brush over them. The hair will begin to loop at the top and will no longer be useable as a result of this!
  • Apply a little amount of hair oil all over your hair to add shine once it’s been combed through, then blow dry. It’s critical to apply the oil before blow drying since it acts as a heat protector.
  • A salon stylist near you can also provide more personalized upkeep suggestions about hand tied hair extensions. Check out our expert and highly rated stylists in your area with our easy-to-use salon locator: a map that shows all kmxtend certified stylists nearby who can help you improve your style right now.
  • These stylists are all qualified and have finished a course under the direction of a hair master. In the COVID-19 era, remember to book your appointment ahead of time!

How often do you need to move your beads up?

This is determined by how quickly your hair grows. I’ve been reading for 6 to 12 weeks. The majority of individuals return after 8 weeks. Stylish will remove extensions and reapply them to a new natural hair part when clients return. This maintains their natural hair healthy and evenly distributes the weight throughout natural hair. During this period, we will continue to utilize the same hand tied hair extensions. Before you need to change your hair extensions, they should last at least a year.

DO’s and DONT’s for extensions


  • Get a good wet brush and brush your hand tied hair extensions frequently! Brush in between your rows if necessary.
  • Use high-quality goods!  This week, I’ll be loading up on Unite goods! You’ve got to look after these little ones!
  • To avoid dirty hair, dry the base of the extension as much as possible!


  • Don’t put yourself in windy situations! Going on a boat, braid your hair…. going on a motorcycle, braid your hair….and so on!
  • Don’t go to bed with your hair wet! This can cause matting, which is a nightmare to brush out! Always dry your hair completely!
  • Avoid dry shampoo ON your extensions! It’s going to make your extensions dry out and not last as long!
  • Avoid pools and oceans as much as you can! Too much salt and/or chlorine will dry out your extensions.
  • Avoid bad shampoo! Don’t spend all this money on fabulous extensions and put shampoos on them that will dry them out and not get enough moisture to your extensions. Remember that these extensions do not go all the way to your root so they do not get your natural oils to help keep them moisturized.


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