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Updated on June 28, 2017 in Photography
2 on June 26, 2017

This place seems new.  Been reading the blog for quite some time now, Its a great way to relax when at the cafe.

I have a photo blog I started in January for fun. I started it as something to do considering I am not working anymore. I would love to get your thoughts on my photos.


Thanks 🙂

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1 on June 26, 2017

Well organized website and great photos. I like the idea of “Photos of the Week,” especially since you keep it current. One constructive comment on your cinematic photos section. I found the black border at the top and bottom of each photo distracting. The photos themselves are wonderful. In general, I like the contrast and grittiness of your B/W’s and the color grading. In the About section, I think you should start off by telling the reader about your photographic aspirations before your music interests. Cheers!  –Andrew

on June 28, 2017

yeah 🙂 I need to work on that about page. I am too busy creating thigns to do that lol. as for the black borders on the cinematic photos I wanted the movie like look, but I can see how it can be distracting.

I designed my wordpress theme myself… if you ever need a designer *hint *hint 🙂

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