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Updated on June 5, 2017 in Photography
2 on June 1, 2017

A huge part of my photography has been influenced by my city and community. When I became interested in photography I was fortunate to meet some great people who were already pursuing photography. They befriended me as I walked around the city with my phone taking photos. Back then I didn’t even know people distinguished different genres of photography, I thought it was all the same. It has almost been two years later and during the process I’ve discovered my photography niche, which is street photography. I love it because I am anti-social by nature but when I’m on the streets it sometimes forces me to get outside myself and talk to strangers. There are times when I can just put in my headphones, shut the world out and stroll which is tranquil. So without further ado, here is my photo showing my city some love. Feel free to show your city love as well. 


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1 on June 4, 2017

I really like this image. Nicely captured. I too find that photography forces me to be more social.

on June 5, 2017

Thank you! It is definitely a way to engage with your community. 

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