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The Prodigy No Tourists mp3

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Premiere: November 2nd 2018

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The Prodigy No Tourists album songs list:

  1. Need Some1

  2. Light Up the Sky

  3. We Live Forever

  4. No Tourists

  5. Fight Fire with Fire (feat. Ho99o9)

  6. Timebomb Zone

  7. Champions of London

  8. Boom Boom Tap

  9. Resonate

  10. Give Me a Signal (feat. Barns Courtney)

The beginning of Need Some1 starts with a feverish, screeching synthesizer, reminiscent of the construction of the song Chase & Status, followed by a shaky break for the drums, which seems very weak compared to modern bass music. This can be a decent compilation if you follow something more consistent, but these two elements just stay in the loop all the time. The same applies for the title track, which adds a little vulgar texts ( “no tourists, no view to see”) and meandering melodies to the mix, but just did not have enough influence to be faithful to the heritage group.

Boom Boom Tap shows more finger on the pulse, borrowing from the sounds of the EDM trap. It is a pity that this is undermined by an artificial vocal, but it is still one of the better songs on this album, one of the few that has something more than an act of homage Prodigy. Resonate is another song that works and words wokodowane Maxima Reality’a give way to a skillful kropkom half-time and pchnińôciom raves that truly evoke the beginning of the 90s, not being a derivative of it. These moments, however, are far too little and do not compensate for another drecker shown here.

Champions Of London is a memorable getaway in drum’n’bass and vocals Flint ( “social anxiety / grab a bulletproof vest”) departs as 49-year-old man, trying to recover the image of the boy from his youth. Fight Fire With Fire, cooperation with Ho99o9, it is very noisy, so much so that many texts buried by the abrasive synths. Meanwhile, the closing song Give Me A Signal Barns with Courtney is the moment in which the style and content are present there, the acid line 303 and dramatic end section. It seems that the board saves the best at the end.

After the release of the latest album, The Day Is My Enemy, Howlett was thinking about just publishing the EP: “We’re not worried about publishing albums anymore, it just bores me. No Tourist is a change of heart, but he proves that Howlett’s instinct is correct because of lack of inspiration. Making this album probably boring them, just as it’s harassing this reviewer to listen to most of them, and though there are signs of life in places, it’s mainly to quote Jeremy, so futile.

That said, if they like it, love it no tourists. Although there is a lot of energy in a retro style and obsessive-relaxant, in this dimension is a record that requires a few liberties with the well-established way of working, the 3-hour calls to “turn the flame up” on We Live Forever, being exactly the type of a theater for which everyone is here.

Howlett described the feeling of being abandoned by them as the core of the album, and ethics “No Tourists”, which enters into her chamber, requires total commitment. In places where the jars, especially on the title Bond theme and on the non-friendly, non-competitive Champions Of London (London to Brixton – rubbing!), A song that despite all the efforts of everyone has an intensity bus. While most of us are not pleased with disrespect for one of the county institutions, tourism is very important for experience, not just for those who grew up with emotions in dumpy magazines, but nowadays for a skinny one back a generation now, the guys who collect cool when it suits them; This truth always was that The Prodigy were never designed to be here for a long time, simply good.

No, of course, that the band ever stood up and wanted to be understood on anything other than a purely superficial level, and while nothing here reaches the nostalgic spirit of the times, so well established that the Invaders Must Die, opener Need aggression is Some1 necessary, while Time Zone, heavily loaded archetypal noise – sirens, samples diva – like that once filled the dance floors and mosh pits.

If it sounds like a franchise work caught between drives, it does not quite tell the story of No Tourists, a record created mainly for ink in new jams for the festival set list. This is The Prodigy, which are far from their maximum power, but still inflict blows, as they have in mind – and as long as we love it, they will be around to spoil it.

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