Francesca Tagliaferri
@effettiva joined May 25, 2017. Rome

Passion for Street Photography and Drawing.

I have come close to Street Photography realizing that it is the branch of photography that attracts me most because it keeps me alive. Making Street Photography taught me even more to look at the details, it isolates me from the world and projects me into an intimate and personal dimension in which colors, feelings, and the unpredictability of life converge together in a single click. Photograph to me means transmitting to others what captures my attention and makes me feel good.

Drawing and art in general make me feel free. When I draw I can reset the rationality in me and let only the emotions go. Drawing for me means transmitting to others my emotions. My drawings and paintings are influenced by the eyes of a child.

My dream is to combine these two passions and make people excite with what I enjoy doing.
(Instagram account: @effettiva)