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I'm the big kid with a little camera.
I'm not a street photographer. I don't make street photography and I absolutely do not care about anything to be considered a street photographer. I take the pictures I'm interested in. Sometimes I shoot in the street, sometimes in my house, sometimes in the country and sometimes in the city, I took pictures in the cinema as well. Sometimes I record spontaneous situations, sometimes I ask people to be photographed, because photography is for me a way to have experience, to meet people and learn something about life. I do not really care about street photography or straight photography, nor do I care to be considered a photographer. I'm just interested in photography. Sometimes I add the #streetphotography tag for a mere cataloging requirement, and anyway what I'm writing in the captions of my photographs are my cabbages. I'm not interested in collecting "like", and I'm not even interested in certain sterile comments, whether they are appreciation or criticism.
I think we should spend more time living photography, studying it, practicing it and making it lifestyle. Photography is a kind of expression of who makes it and not of a labeled style.
Please, let me do it and above all to enjoy photography as I feel it, because it's just an expression of myself and I'm nobody.