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2 on September 9, 2018

Hello everyone!

I am quite a newbie on street photography field, but I’d like to get critique and thoughts about my photos. 

So, feel free and let your opinions loose 🙂

My first photo to discuss is https://www.instagram.com/p/BngIDTngZSp/?taken-by=wiplala87

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1 on March 14, 2019

You haven’t played around with the lighting much. Looks like you’ve used auto, not aperture or manual. I can already tell the area isn’t that exciting judging by what you have photographed. You need to make the subject look alive. 

My eyes are being drawn to the van and the green leaves are distracting even more. You need to isolate your subject. 

My philosophy with street photography is; up-close or landscape, there is no in-between. You’ve captured an in-between.

Your photograph of the man shovelling snow is a good example, you’ve captured the surroundings, the subject and his action without having moving or frame distractions. Same the Santa and your feet. You’ve shown a story. And that is what street photography is about, what story is inside this photograph?

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