Windows To Other Worlds

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I feel that photography is not just about the art but also about the place or the people in the photographs, you can focus your photo only on the artistic side of it if that is what you like but there are other dimensions to photography that are being neglected, like considering a photo or a series of photos like windows into your world your life your job etc.
This forum is an international forum and i would be very interested in knowing and reading about how life is in other countries that i might never visit. Why not share with photos and a bit of narrative a glimpse into your world.

Here’s a glimplse into my world.

I live in Murrieta ca. USA worst city to take photos because you do not see people in the streets, the sidewalks are always empty, so i have to travel to Oceanside Ca. a 45 minute trip to see people on the streets and even there the only place where people gather is the Pier.

Here’s a photo of a 15 year old celebrating her Quinceañera, and she chose the Oceanside California Pier for her photo shoot, Quinceañera is a traditional Mexican celebration for girls only in which they celebrate the passage to womanhood, to give thanks to God for his blessings, and to present a young woman to the community. 

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