Why do you make photos?

Updated on April 17, 2018 in Photography
0 on April 17, 2018

At first, the main reason I start photography is because I want to be able create/produce something into this world. It’s my long wishlist since I was kids. To have ability to create something from nothing (ex: sculpture, painting, singing, etc). After about 27 years late (around 1.5 yrs ago) finally I find an action that I think suits me very well: Documenting human life in form of street photography.

Not long after I start shot on the street, I realise that photography is a powerful tool to learn a lot about how life works. I also start to realise that I like artistic things more than I ever thought before. I used to able to stare a painting for minutes, did not understand a thing like composition, color match etc), but somehow I just like it to kept stare at them.


One of my most favourite photo from my last trip in Melbourne, Australia.

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