Who Has Tips For A Beginner Blogger?

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2 on October 11, 2018


Eric has been a huge influence for me in not only investing more time into my website but also consistently blogging. Does anyone have any tips on someone just starting out?



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1 on October 12, 2018

first tip as a blogger is to hire me to design the blog for you. I promise I won’t charge too much C:

lol. I would start by using wordpress. Make sure you post regular content at least once or twice a week (pgotos of the week, my trip to??, etc…). and you also need to make sure your site and posts are SEO friendly. you can use SEO plugins for that.

really there is nothing to it. just get in the rhythm of posting something on a regular basis and you will forget you even run a blog.

on December 19, 2018

good tips….

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