What are Your “Moonshot” Photography Entrepreneurship Ideas?

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2 on April 20, 2018

Dear friend, What are your photography entrepreneurship ideas?  (“Moonshot” shoot for the moon and dream big!)

  1. Introduce yourself below, by telling us your name, where you’re from, and why you’re passionate about photography.
  2. What are your “moonshot” photography entrepreneurship/business ideas? What are some objections others have told you, but why do you think you will succeed?
  3. What are your personal strengths, talents, and skills, and why do you believe in yourself?

I’ll start:

  1. My name is Eric Kim, and I’m passionate how photography can empower us to experience more joy in our everyday lives.
  2. My dream is to use photographic tools to create new sources of wealth for individuals, for photography to be used as a tool of self-empowerment/overcoming depression/anxiety, and for helping us live more fuller and epic lives.
  3. I am good with computers, the internet, and very productive.
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I am happy to contribute to this thread.

1 – My name is Dan Ginn, I am from London, UK, however I am currently travelling Central America. I am passionate about photography and the arts as I feel it is a platform where people can open their mind and explore the good and bad that comes through it. It is a constant in my life.

2 – My dream is to motivate other creatives by sharing the positive and negative of my own journey. Long term I want to build a community of creatives that dig deep into our own creative pathways and encourage each other to be the best creative version of ourselves.

3 – I am a commissioned writer, have professionally motivated others and have an immense passion for for the creative world.

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There a couple of online seminars on photography enterprise, yet there are no different courses as connecting with, intuitive, and handy as this one in effectively adapting your enthusiasm into a living.

Lucky Patcher Kodi nox

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