Street Photography with a twist

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I like street photography but with a twist, i like to talk to the people i encounter in the street, it’s a very enjoyable adventure to not only take a picture of a person in the street but also to know them and talk to them.

This is only one case of many, his name is Franky, and this is his story.

I came to the US 25 years ago, i had plans of bringing my wife and two children to the US , i had not told her yet of my plans when she told me she was leaving me for another guy, i say it was her mother that influence her , her mother never liked me , she once told me “You are no good for my daughter, you only have high school she has college, she is going to make more money than you, so my wife left, i still went ahead with my plans of coming to the US , when she found out that i was coming to the US, she came back and asked me to forgive her , so i forgave her and we all came to the US, a year later she left me again to go with a marine guy, she never had intentions of staying with, me she just used me. But i am ok now i got over that quickly, life is to beautiful to waste it on sadness, today i am a very happy person, specially when i come to the pier to fish and feed the pigeons,look they already know me.

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some setting used for street photography such as

Aperture-priority mode Aperture: ISO: 800-1600 (during the day), 3200 (when it is darker) Shutter speed: In aperture-priority mode, your camera automatically chooses your shutter speed.

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