Street Photography in the Suburbs?

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1 on August 4, 2018

I really enjoy the work done by street photographers. I live in the suburbs, about a two hour commute from New York City. Can street photography be applied to a suburban area? I’m not sure I am asking that correctly. How about this. Does street photography, as an art form, require the photographer live and create in a city? Can it be done elsewhere? 

I’m sorry if this question seems weird or even silly. I do not see a lot of photographers walking the streets and shooting around where I live. I like to shoot at Blues Festivals along the beach, art fairs, street festivals. These are all events and not as frequent as taking a spontaneous shot inspired by the constant activity, lighting changes, and life along city streets.

Thanks for considering the question and for your thoughts.

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0 on August 9, 2018

Not a silly question at all. 

Look at Robert Adam’s work. Tina Enghoff’s book “Hate is” shows just how powerful suburban street photography can be. 

Here are some ideas


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