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Hey all!

I’m interested to see how many of you are working on any projects? And reasons why you are?

I’m currently working on x3 projects:

‘Home’ – This is a personal project of mine documenting my family in my home… I naturally can’t help but take pictures of my loved ones and made sense to make it a project… it’s been going on for a few years and really don’t know when to stop… every day my camera is clicking.

‘We Ride’ – A project documenting why people ride motorcycles, what fuels the passion, the thrill of riding… and the community they have amongst themselves. This again has been a 2 year project including shoots with Harley Davidson which were pretty cool… still no where near completion.

‘Sand between your toes’ – This recently started project happened during a recent family holiday in Cornwall… One evening on the beach at sunset with surfers families etc… just wow… overwhelmed with inspiration is an understatement. This project will focus on sandy beaches (in the title really) and what draws people to the sand… sports and activities etc… even looking into purchasing a campervan to stay on locations for a week to shoot every day… really look forward to continuing this one!

Look forward to hearing your projects!


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