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Hey all!

I’m interested to see how many of you are working on any projects? And reasons why you are?

I’m currently working on x3 projects:

‘Home’ – This is a personal project of mine documenting my family in my home… I naturally can’t help but take pictures of my loved ones and made sense to make it a project… it’s been going on for a few years and really don’t know when to stop… every day my camera is clicking.

‘We Ride’ – A project documenting why people ride motorcycles, what fuels the passion, the thrill of riding… and the community they have amongst themselves. This again has been a 2 year project including shoots with Harley Davidson which were pretty cool… still no where near completion.

‘Sand between your toes’ – This recently started project happened during a recent family holiday in Cornwall… One evening on the beach at sunset with surfers families etc… just wow… overwhelmed with inspiration is an understatement. This project will focus on sandy beaches (in the title really) and what draws people to the sand… sports and activities etc… even looking into purchasing a campervan to stay on locations for a week to shoot every day… really look forward to continuing this one!

Look forward to hearing your projects!


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6 on August 20, 2018

Hi to All & specially to LewisBakerPhoto…I’m working since 3-4 yrs in a project (which is my main project) named “rural workers’ (but “rural life” may suits better – just recently I felt that). I’ve been documenting the hard work of these workers in sugar cane fields (that produces sugar and alchool in Brasil).

This project also includes workers of coffee plantations, especially during the harvesting season which just finished this year, as well as the work of ranchers that are heavy milk and cheese producers in the state of Minas Gerais, Southeast Brasil.

The shooting sessions are hard, I can tell you, specially under a hot sun, for instance. But they are pleasant sessions when you see the results considering that once in a while you get a couple of good shots.

The reasoning behind this project is that my parents were rural workers for their entire life. I myself worked hard in a small farm that my parents owned a great deal of my childhood and adolescence.

In some ways this project is a tribute to my parents and to my past. That’s why it’s so important to me. Although I´ve been a rural worker before, after finishing high school, I went to the university and became an university professor from where I have recently retired.

I’d be more than happy to see your comments on these 3 shots from this project that I show below….I appreciate you time reading this and commenting these shots.




on August 21, 2018

These are fantastic. All three are great, lifelike, and well composed in my opinion. The various looks of the men and the dog (fantastic), the movement of the wind in the second, and the lovely portrait with someone still working in the vast background are all stupendous. I am excited to see the culmination of all of this. Great work!

on August 21, 2018

I am working on a few projects right now as well. 


  1. Moscow: Summer/Winter: Moscow is a strange, beautiful, intense city. The winters are harsh, dark, cold, and long but when summer arrives a collective amnesia sweeps over the city and the warmth and light completely change the city. My goal is to take photos of people and places in the summer and winter to explore the incredible contrast in mood, emotion, and color in Moscow. It is a tale of two cities and it will take the next two years to finish ( I hope ) 
  2. Polejaveskaya: This is a spinoff of my summer winter project isolated to my neighborhood. It is a part of Moscow that is home to the rich, middle class and poor. New buildings and train stations are popping up everywhere and things are changing fast. I want to document the people that live here, the changes, the quirks of daily Russian life and the things that stay the same, no matter the weather. 
  3. Squareagosto: I just wrapped up a mini project in Milano, Varenna, and Bellagio, Italy where I searched for squares during Ferragosto ( the two week holiday where Italy shuts down and many Italians go take a break on the coast). It was fun, interesting and a nice challenge. 
  4. Bed: I began to notice that many interesting things are placed on my bed so I am documenting the random things that lay on my bed and it is a fun, interesting project since the objective is to make an everyday object into something compelling. 

We Ride and Rural Workers sound and look like magnificent projects. I will be excited to see more. Good luck with everything!

on August 21, 2018

Thank you, astromarinaio for the compliments to my photos and good luck in your projects and you art!!!…antonio

on August 21, 2018

Antonio, those are FIRE!  

on August 22, 2018

Nice to hear that, MaxMerkle !!!

on September 5, 2018

the images are well details and informative. I would have loved to see the colors too aside that beautiful works Bro

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0 on August 22, 2018

Hi to all… again I’d appreciate hearing (i.e., reading!) comments on three photographs on another project that I’m developing devoted to document a rather chronic and serious problem in Brasil which is social exclusion… this project is called “The Excluded” referring the rather dramatic social exclusion problems that exist in this country…

What I’d ask is on your feelings if these shots carry clear messages of social exclusion… if they convey this kind of emotion… things in this direction…

thanks again….antonio

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