Photo Critique: Antonio from Brazil

Updated on June 22, 2017 in Photography
3 on June 22, 2017

 Hi everyone…hope and wishes you are well..

I´m an amateur photographer and I think this idea´s of Cindy & Eric a great one to have this forum…I want to show my appreciation to them to provide us this tool to exchahge ideas, making consultings on topics that we need most help, etc…etc…

I would relly appreciate you comments on these 3 portraits I´m attaching …whithin street photography what I guess I like most are portraiture…thanks in advance…


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2 on June 22, 2017

All 3 portraits are awesome man. 

Photo 3 is my favorite, I feel as if she is looking at me.

Photo 2, I really like also I just wish he had the same expression and was looking down a little bit so we could see his face more.  I love the composition and the angle


on June 22, 2017

Hi Antonio,

Photo 1:  What a fascinating juxtaposition between the man and his camera equipment.  My eyes don’t know where they want to look!  The half of the pedestrian is a bit of a distraction . . . not sure if a shallower depth of the field would have helped to eliminate that?

Photo 2 is awesome.  I love the colors, the smile, the hand gesture, the reflection of the buildings as a backdrop, his gaze off into the distance… you nailed this!

Photo 3: nice work on the lighting and the contrast, which really highlights her outfit… I feel it means a lot to her.  There’s a somewhat strong shadow behind her which I think isn’t bad, but the photo might be even stronger if you could address that.

on June 22, 2017

I sincerely thank you both, Boscoeflux and Joelandrew, for the (very) constructive comments…they really mean a lot to me…

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