Peta Pixal article on Street Photography

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I like Forest Walkers work, he does have some real nice images but I don’t agree with all of his points.

#1 Nothing of interest in the photo –
I agree

#2 Too far away –
I agree to a degree but in some circumstances you need to be far away to have the interest in the scene

#3 Street Performers/Homeless –
Street performers if done right yes… You might be shooting the next Ed Sheeran and that image would be relevant in years to come. 
Homeless, while it may be easy as he describes I think it is important as its a part of our society all around the world. Don McCullin’s work photography the homeless in Whitechapel (London) is an exceptional documentation of life.

#4 Too much Bokeh –
I agree that it can take away from the image

#5 People doing nothing special –
I agree

#6 Composition – 
I agree, composition makes or breaks an image. It could be the most interesting, special thing happening and a bad composition will destroy it.

#7 Over processed – 
Agree, if anything looks like his example I want to puke

Just my thoughts on it. Should check out his work if you haven’t already!

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