let’s make it decentralized!

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9 on May 25, 2017

Great aproach Erick. Leaving facebook &Co behind to build communitys using libre and open source  software is the right step away from censorship, mass survaillience and manipulation towards self organized and federated communities.
The forum you have choosen is a great start. But still it creates a silo. Nobody within this community can engage with another, unless they are joining another plattform.
To make this forum a flurishing place, you’re by now in concurence to other plattforms.

But this doesn’t need to be like that. There are plattforms using open standarts be be able to communicate with all using the standart.

Some weeks ago I just found one which was based on gnusocial and beeing a place for sharing videos and photos. I will link it here once I found it again

The “normal” gnusocial looks simliar to twitter: https://gnusocial.de/paulfree14

Here some other plattforms which might be suitable:
– mediagoblin (https://mediagoblin.org/)
– hubzilla (https://project.hubzilla.org)
– friendica http://friendi.ca/


On all the mention plattforms you can build on your own server your own community, but still be able to interact with people being hosted by other servers.

Would be happy to hear some feedback,

kind regards Paul Free


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1 on May 25, 2017

paul thank you; I hate centralization. unfortunately this forum is centralized. will try to figure out how to decentralize it; and thank you for these resources

on May 26, 2017

gald to hear you’re up for decentralization. Alternative plattforms need people like you to make them more attractive.

The image sharing plattform I was mentioning, I could find again.

And that’s how they describe themselves:

“We are a federated, open source, non-profit, non-commercial, mobile image sharing community. Confused? Check out the recent popular images.

When you sign up here you become an activist in the online anti-capitalist struggle, a part in building an open and non-commercial space where we can interact and organize without profit driven corporations interfering and sabotaging our communications.

★ Quitim is not a service and you are not a customer here – we’re doing this together.

★ For-profit businesses are not allowed to register. Users who harass others or propagate discriminatory political views – such as racism, sexism, ableism, homo- and transphobia – will be removed. Quitim users are expected to participate in making the network a respectful and kind place where everyone feels safe.

★ Quitim is part of the GNU social network, which means that you don’t have to sign up to Quitim to talk to your Quitim friends – you can join any GNU social server and follow them from there.

★ All your images on Quitim are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC, which means no one can use your content for advertising. “

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1 on May 26, 2017

He is right Eric. It would be wonderful if you could create a platform which enable us to share our artistic photos between people who really appreciate them, instead of being lost in the world of instagram where pictures have a different value and meaning. Hope the best for us all.

on May 30, 2017

those software is already existing. People just need to take it to build up a nice community.
See the above mentioned once.

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2 on May 31, 2017

Hi Paul, I’m quite interested in this. Do you have any definitive guides? I’m just getting started on open source Linux and SQL having been a network engineer with some Windows infa experience. I can only see that I host my own server via my own connection (and all the security risk that entails) or I pay monthly for a virtual private server, which could get expensive. Either solution still looks silo’ed and at risk if not maintained.

I’ve signed up for quit.fm, it seems awful slow and I’ve not yet successfully managed to log in.

on July 5, 2018

Hi DickieTaylor,
glad to here you’re interested in this subject. Yet it seems it was a bad start for your first experience. Myself have never really used quit.im but I just took a look at it again. For me it’s loading fast. (maybe you’ve been at it at a time they had some issue with the server).

To get access to an instance (that what we call the plattforms) you can:
– self host it by using tors hidden service
– using a VPS (it shouldn’t be more then 3-5 $)
– joining an existing community/instance (until now they are all run on donation basis.)

To your concern that it would create a silo, no worries, doesn’t matter what aproach is taken federation will work. Meaning every instance can connect and comunicate with others.

If your experience with quit.im wasn’t good, you might like to look at one of the other ones.
There are currently a lot new plattform in development. And even if they are running different software, they will federate with each other.

Another image sharing plattform is #pixelfed. As I know it’s still in beta, but functional. Development is very active, so things will definatly improofe. Myself haven’t tested it, since I found already the software I’d like to use for myself (I’m not really sharing images, so my usecase is different, but I have seen many using it also for that purpuse)

the project pixelfed you can find here:

an instance to join here:

The software that makes the federation possible is called ActivityPub and could also be intecreated in elgg (the software this forum runs on, I believe)

My self use mastodon and hubzilla.
To have a chat over there, you can connect with me here:

and here:

on July 5, 2018

I need to correct myself:
federation in pixelfed is still in process of being implemented.
But should be done very soon

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1 on June 2, 2017

I am Thankful for what i have got here ,,,,and i don’t need no more time wasting Mambo Jambo .

When i want to interact with people ,,,i talk to them ,,,when i will show them my Pictures ,,,i will show them ,,,i my case ,,i just want a place to calm down ,,have a caffe coretto and read what is need to be read ,,,and talk what is need to be talk about .

Sometimes you can find ,,,luck ,,in the smallest house  ,,,,my 2 cents


Greets Joannis  


on July 5, 2018

Great having you Joannis

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