iPad-based culling and post-processing workflow

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My first post here.  Basically, I read Eric’s “iPad Pro 10.5 Review For Photographers” post and was wondering on the workflow for photo editing and post-processing via Photos app.

Personally, I use Photos app to share my post-processed images with my family.  If I were to use iPad to import photos via SD card lightning adapter, then I end up mixing post-processed images with freshly imported ones.

So, I am wondering… is there a way to quickly move imported photos from Photos app to Lightroom CC, so I don’t pollute my photos library?



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1 on April 7, 2018

bump to top — would like to know more about how people post-process

on April 19, 2018

Hi toddff Eric Kim here. To be honest you’re going to mix your photos. But once I import and cull down my photos, I favorite them and then upload them to Dropbox, to keep it organized

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