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8 on May 18, 2018

Due to a serious accident about a year ago, my mobility has seriously compromised.  I can no longer walk without the aid of crutches and pain is a constant reminder of my mishap.

I’ve recently started to work again as a rideshare driver, and am trying to make photos again – but limited to the view from my vehicle’s window.

I really miss walking about the streets of my city, I was a near constant street prowler before the accident.  I’m getting some decent shots, but not nearly what I’m used to.

i guess I’m posting this looking for a bit of inspiration in a dark time for me.

i’m attempting to turn my circumstances into a project of sorts, and have started a blog to document my daily travels in the city.  I’m trying to document every neighborhood in a city of neighborhoods – Philadelphia.

the images are decent, but I’m afraid I’m not much of a writer.  I just don’t have the patience or love for writing.  As such, I really feel that this project would have more appeal with someone’s talented words to go with my imagery.

How would you go about finding a collaborative partner for an endevour such as this?

oh, and here is a link to the blog…


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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2 on May 20, 2018

Hi there tonyjuliano,

Coincidentally I’m working on a visualization “20 ways to stay creatively inspired”.  I’ll post the final product when I’m finished.

While you wait for a collaborative partner, have you thought about cross-pollinating your passion for photography with other mediums (other than writing) such as drawing/painting, making music (GarageBand is fun/easy) or editing your photos into a video (iMovie is beginner friendly and you can add your awesome music you made from GarageBand).  You can also think about other creative projects that you might not have thought of doing!  Personally, I never thought I was capable of a working app UI design but followed along some tutorials and finished my prototype!

On a side note, I completely understand roaming the streets with crutches is holding you back from photographing.  Have you thought about using a wheel chair to free your hands for your camera?  You could also get some cool low angle perspectives while sitting in a wheel chair.

In the meanwhile, here’s my list of “20 ways to stay creatively inspired”:

  1. Surround yourself with inspirational peers.
    1. You can bounce ideas off one another.
    2. You get feedback from people whose ideas you respect.
    3. If you don’t have people in real life for this , you can look for communities online such as forums.
  2. Look for outside sources of inspiration.
    1. Read books
    2. Go online
    3. Watch movies
  3. Pump up playlist.
    1. Play music that gets you in the right state of mind and excited for your task.
  4. Set a regular schedule for your creative time.
    1. Set a schedule for your creative work and follow it.
    2. Do not do anything else during your creative time.
    3. You will be forced to sit down and just do it.
    4. Recognize what time in the day you are most creative and set your schedule to that time.
  5. Go for a walk.
    1. If you get burnt out, go for a 10 minute walk outside.
    2. Get fresh air and clear your head.
    3. Find inspiration in the outdoors.
  6. Keep a notebook with you.
    1. When you get an idea, good or bad, write it down.
    2. Memories are quick to fade, make sure not to lose any ideas.
  7. Take a break.
    1. It’s ok to come back to a project/idea at a later time if you feel like you are not progressing.
    2. You can look with a fresh set of eyes and have new ideas at a later time.
  8. Perfection is overrated.
    1. Go with the 80% good enough to finish principle.
    2. Perfection does not exist and you’ll never finish if you try to make it “perfect”.
  9. Take a nap
    1. 20 minute nap is key to not get too groggy and feel refreshed.
  10. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
    1. Let loose and go with the flow.
    2. Treat your project as a fun experiment.
    3. If somethings not working out, it’s ok to scrap it.
  11. Only do what excites you to do.
    1. Your passion and enthusiasm will reflect in your work.
  12. Shoot for the moon.
    1. Set high goals for yourself.
    2. Even if you don’t reach your moon shot, you will achieve a much higher level than you originally aimed for.
  13. Meditate.
    1. Try meditation to clear your mind.
    2. Get your mind and body in tuned with one another.
  14. Good artists borrow, great artists steal.
    1. If you see an idea you like, steal it but make it yours
  15. Cross pollinate (honeycombs and face on bee body)
    1. Go outside your 1 genre and expand your ideas through other genres that interests you.  Also, mix and match your other interests.
  16. Look for a greater purpose.
    1. Look for a greater purpose than just doing it for yourself.
    2. Motivate yourself by knowing your work will help others.
  17. Go back to your roots.
    1. Revitalize your passion by remembering why you started in the first place.
  18. Realize it’s ok to fail.
    1. You never know how something will end up if you don’t try.  And if it doesn’t work out, use it as feedback for the future.
    2. Even unsuccessful endeavors can be turned into something positive.
    3. Think how you can rework or approach from a new angle in the future.
  19. Reward yourself after finishing
    1. Give yourself an awesome prize for finishing your task.
  20. Recognize and overcome your negative tendencies.
    1. Pinpoint your negative tendencies.  It can be your inner voice (saying you’re not good enough), habits (you procrastinate too much)
    2. Write down your solutions how to overcome your negative tendencies and do one a day

I hope you will get your groove back and find your inspiration.  Good luck friend and hope you keep us updated with your progress!

on May 23, 2018


Annette, thank you so very much for taking the considerable time that must have been required to compose this most wonderful reply.

It’s truly awesome to join a new community and be welcomed with such insight, inspiration and helpful advice.

Your post will remain with me as I move forward with the next stage of my life.

on April 12, 2020

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0 on May 24, 2018

I think most street photographers have times when inspiration is lacking. Your situation doesn’t help that’s for sure. You might want to read through this article (link below) which may be just what you need. Keep your chin up and continue to give it 110% until you are happy with what you are trying to achieve. As for writing, get the words down on paper and then get someone to read through them. Their comments may help to improve the way it is presented. I use several online grammar checkers to help polish my work. Just be natural and don’t use high felutin words. 


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