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Hi there FORUM!

We love books. What are some of your favorite books (photography or non-photography?)

Also, we wanted to let you know that there will be a limited number of HAPTIC PRESS BOXES available in our shop. Receive a free copy of STREET NOTES MOBILE EDITION with your purchase. Thank you again for all of your love and support!


Cindy & Eric

HAPTIC PRESS BOX – Photo by @captivatingtheunseen

To celebrate our love of books, we present to you HAPTIC PRESS BOX. The box includes all of our current HAPTIC PRESS books:


Only a limited number of HAPTIC PRESS BOXES will be available. We print in small artisanal print runs from California, so pick up a box before they run out.

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HAPTIC PRESS BOX x CINDY NGUYEN fulfills her childhood dream of a box company



“Buy Books, Not Gear” by Eric Kim:

I love gear as much as the next guy. I always get suckered into thinking that if I buy a new camera, a new lens, or some new gadget– I will somehow be more creative, and inspired.

In reality, it never happens. All of my big breakthroughs in photography have been practicing (shooting a lot) and studying the master photographers. Especially buying photography books (lots of them). You are what you eat, if you look at lots of inspirational photography books, you will become inspired to make great images. I’ve regretted buying a ton of gear in the past, but have never regretted investing in photography books.

To learn more, read my original post: “Buy Books, Not Gear” and also see a list of my recommended photography books: 75+ Inspirational Photography Books You Gotta Own.

Also as an added bonus, here are some non-photography books which have influenced my life deeply:



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I am loving all books by Nietzsche, will to power…he has a chapter on the will to power in art which I like

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