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We want YOU to lead STREET CLUB

Congrats everyone to such a successful STREET CLUB! We are so honored and proud of all the photos, critiques, and community that you created over the summer. Let’s keep this momentum going. Keep shooting, sharing your photos, sharing feedback and constructing critique, and learning here in the forum.

Here are some ideas to keep learning and and challenging your photography education:

  1. Start new threads with weekly/monthly assignments (possibly based off of some of Eric’s suggested photography assignments)
  2. Share ongoing projects of your photography work
  3. Ask questions, pose reflections about photography
  4. Post photos as a new thread and label it in the category “Keep/Ditch”
  5. Leave constructive critique, suggestions, questions, and comments on others’ photographs

What are some other ideas that you want to see in the Forum/Street Club?

Last video review and best photo/best critique

Best Photo:

Best Critique:

See all of the critiques/comments by @Steef_Jordans

@yzjames Great shot!!
Nicely layered. I like how the person on the left and the person in the background are creating this triangle ( as shown in the picture below) The person on the right does not stand out that much which makes it quite a surprise if you discover him. Great shot

Video Reviews from Previous Weeks

Week 1: 5 Yes, 5 No

Week 2: 10 NO’s

Week 3: Clean Background

Week 4: Subtract, Simplify

Week 5: Gestures

Week 6: Depth/Layers

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1 on August 21, 2017

Thanks so much Eric and Cindy, and congrats to the Street Club winners. I learned so much from the club, and loved seeing everyone’s photos. What a great international community of photographers sharing what life is like in our corner of the world.

I’m excited to keep going with weekly assignments in the future. See everyone in the discussions!

on August 21, 2017

Yes, Thank you Eric and Cindy for starting street club, it’s been a fantastic experience and I’ve learned so much. Also, thanks to evryone who posted work and critiques, have enjoyed every minute and look forward to continuing sharing here. Last but not least, congratulations to the winners! 

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