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Hello, street photographers! I just wanted to share with you, if you are interested :), my experience meeting Eric and Cindy participating in Eric’s workshop last year in Kyoto.

So little more than a year ago I was getting married and we have decided to visit Japan for our wedding trip. Just a week before we were leaving I was reading Eric’s blog and found he was actually having a workshop just a few days after we were expecting to leave Kyoto for our next destination. 

Just to pain a full picture I was a long time street photography fan and I knew Eric only from youtube and blogs. So I was actually quite excited as usually the workshops were quite far away and I was never able to participate. But this time it was actually just in the location we were visiting. So we have extended our stay so I was able to join in. 

Few months ago I had actually bought used Leica and I was actually pretty exciting since this was like a first bigger thip to take it with me.

Anyway we met in this coffee (I think the name was like a traveller’s coffee or something like that) where we talked about photography and our goals together with other stuff and it was actually pretty inspiring to hear all other people and their stories. We split into group and got some assignments which was pretty cool and to me honesht I have never shot so many photos like during this weekend.

I have started my IG account (I know Eric is kinda againts instagram so I am going to advocate it a little :D). Being from Czech Republic we get everything little bit later than in the USA. So even IG already peaked in the USA I was still kinda new to it. One thing I think social media is good for is –  at least for me. It helpem me into building a habit to shoot (often). I just told my self I am going to post one photo every day – thats actually pretty hard if you want to post something descent 😀 so what it did for me was – as I saw during the workshop – more you practice better you get (who would have thougt :DD) this workshop actually made me to commit to shoot more. You can actually check it here and judge whenever there was a progress

Anyway I was talking to Eric once we also met in Prague when he was travelling Europe together with Cindy and I was still talking how I would like to do a youtube channel about photography and Eric actually encouraged to do it. 

Even though it was like a year ago. I have finally just recently started and Eric even promoted me here on his blog :).

Even, I can have a tons of excuses why I have not done that sooner. It was actually pretty fast for my pace 😀

So I finished the university at the end of last year and we have decided together with my wife we are going to kinda quit our jobs and travel around Asia. 

I was working at the family company at that time and you know, sometime it’s harder to quit family company than a company you have no bounds with 😀 . So we settled on November and finally left for Asia. So at the moment we are like 3 weeks in our trip and I finally “have time” to share my experince and produce more videos. Just like with the photos I want to get this habit of posting one video per week so Hopefully I will be able to keep it it.

So what meeting Cindy and Eric actually brought was not only great photography experience during the workshop but also a little twist and inspiration to things I would probably never do. But I guess beter late than never right? 😀 So to anyone deciding whenever to participate or not I can only recommend it and if you are open-minded – I am confident it can bring you a lot more than just a photography experience.

If you feel like it you can also check the youtube channel where I will hopefully be able to follow my schedule and upload once per week now.

If you are still reading this thank you for making it to the end of this post and I wish you all a great day 🙂 !

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Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys

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