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I like the tones in this photo. Also the green in the lower left and the red in the upper right. And of course, this man’s expression is excellent- he looks furtive, scarred. I wish the people in the background were doing something more interesting, or something that might relate to this mans story. For instance, if they were looking in the same direction as the furtive man, or how wonderful would it be if they were pointing off the the left, either at the man or what he might be looking at. Without something more interesting about these background people, I think the photo would be better without them.  That said, it’s an excellent capture of this mans expression- it really makes me wonder what is going on! 

on September 27, 2017

Thanks for your feedback 🙂

on October 10, 2017

I agree with Geoff but I miss space at the left side. I would prefer it more when the person with the green bag would be placed right and there is some room on the left side so that we could fantasize what would be there. 

Good luck and enjoy!


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