Controlling your Anxiety Disorder

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Are you often worried, anxious or feel pressured about certain things? If not, how about being scared and tensed without any reason? Others would say that it’s normal to feel these kinds of emotions. But if it is on a regular basis and affects your daily activities, it is no longer healthy and it could be a sign of anxiety.

Start of my Anxiety

I have been suffering from Anxiety for a long time and it affected my day to day activities. It all started back in college, I often felt anxious and scared of being a leader in group activities or projects so I come up with reasons to avoid responsibilities. Rarely did I participate in class recitations and discussions because I was afraid of what my classmates would say. I always hesitated even if I knew that my ideas and answers were correct. During our commencement exercise, I was shaking and sweating while waiting for my turn because I was worried that my name won’t be called out.

Anxiety at Work

During my first job interview, I couldn’t keep still and had trouble breathing. I was rejected, then again on my second and third interview. From there, I became fearful of interviews and rejection. After months of encouragement from friends, I decided to apply for a job again. Fortunately, I got the job.

At work, it is normal to feel pressured. You are expected to finish your job on time but sometimes it’s too much. When it becomes overwhelming, you start feeling anxious and worried for reasons that you won’t be able to meet the deadline or if you’re doing it right. Also, your superiors can be controlling which can be irritating. There are also times when you are humiliated in front of your coworkers which can be very embarrassing.

Stress from work, fear of rejection, criticisms, and avoidance of responsibility are just some factors of my anxiety. I find it difficult to talk to my friends or relatives about these things because they might say that I am overreacting and dramatic. In my search for a cure for anxiety, I sought the help of health professionals and did a little research on my own. Fortunately, I came up with a few things additional to Anxiety Medications.

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