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Updated on July 20, 2018 in Photography
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Hello, i’d like to kindly submit to your review our street photography app, which is already available at app store:

You can see our screenshots there, but I can send you here if you like.

Here are some of our ‘How to’ videos:

Release date: 01mar18

About us:


Panorist will help you to find every single photo of you, that you wouldn´t even know it was out there. It’s for professional and amateur photographers of public events. We focus on the people in the events, not the artists.

Why we stand out:

Panorist is the ONLY social network that connects photographers to his photographed customers unkown to him.

Panorist is the ONLY social network that provides photos of you, that you wouldn´t even know they exist.

How does it works:

The target user of the Panorist are ordinary people, in their moments of joy, shooted by Street photographers.

Photographers receive a high percentage of participation in the sale of their photos in the Platform, in proportion to their use of the system. Early adopters receives 100% share of sales.

Panorist search engine aggregates photos by location, date and time, automatically generated by modern digital cameras. Just choose a place where you’ve been, that we’ll get all the photos of that occasion. Or you can share your photos and the search engine, based on these photos, will automatically find photos of other people taken in the same place, day and time. Simple.

And you may share photos for free of unknown people doing great things that you took, and help our community to grow.

Future plans:

Facial recongnition

Thanks a lot!


Ilton Carmona Souza



Panorist Serviços Digitais Inc.

In partnership with 3 award winner engineers of MartinLabs, the founder and CEO developed this company 3 years ago, releasing hte SnoozeJar app, to get acquintance of market and internet solutions, not aiming for profit. Because of it’s success, according to founder objectives, we decide to implement this new idea that founder had in 2012, while travelling through China: I wanted photos of me taken by others in the Great Wall, instead of just selfies. The founder studied at the better ranked College in Latin America: USP.

Other applications developed:

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