Announcement of Street Club winter school winners

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4 on February 1, 2018

Dear all,

Eric and I are so so grateful for all who participated in Street Club Winter School. A very big special thanks goes to VICKI SEABROOK who volunteered to coordinate the Winter School.

Feel free to continue uploading and providing feedback on the assignment threads. Also, if you’re looking for some more challenges, pick up a copy of STREET HUNT –now available.

Congratulations to Joy and Geoff! Winners please contact me at for your prize.

Street hunt cover

STREET HUNT is your new street photography field assignments manual, full of brand new, innovative, and challenging street photography adventures for you to embark on.

If you would like to coordinate the next Street Club, let us know! We would love to continue the community of learning here on the forum 🙂


Cindy & Eric

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2 on February 1, 2018

Hello Eric and Cindy,  

The idea to coordinate the next Street Club is interesting for me. I would like to do this. I have some experience with managing shooting competitions by mail in the past. So I’m ready 🙂

And thanks a lot VICKI SEABROOK for managing the past Street Club. It was interesting and challenging for me!

on February 4, 2018

Most Welcome Andriyka, my pleasure!

on June 28, 2018

Thanks again @vickiseabrook! Our haptic team is going to coordinate the next summer street club, but maybe in the next round after that, @andriyka you can help lead the coordination? Thanks so much and looking forward to seeing your photos for the summer school 😀


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0 on February 4, 2018

Congratulations Geoff and Joy! 

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