An introduction to candid street photography in Dumaguete 

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Hi, I’m Jack and I’m originally from the UK but after my mid life crisis, I decided to become a scuba diving instructor and currently live in the Philippines. I got into underwater photography 3 years ago and got into Street Photography by accident this summer when I entered a photography competition. It was one of the categories but I didn’t know anything about it so after a web search, I found Erik Kim’s YouTube video and had a go. I read a lot of the articles and these helped me a lot my photography and that’s why I’m here! I live in a rural area and my local city Dumaguete is quite small with no tall buildings, so I can find it hard to try some of the Street Photography genre’s. Here is my blog about Street Photography in Dumaguete:

An introduction to candid street photography in Dumaguete 

Most street photography is done in large cities with lots of really tall buildings, people and transportation. But what about small towns or rural locations?

Street photography can actually be done anywhere you find people as it is all about documenting everyday life. Pictures can be made in any public place and are usually candid (without permission) and use unmanipulated scenes. Create your own reality and be imaginative so your pictures tell a story!

There are several different genres:

  • Portraits
  • Urban landscapes
  • Look up (pictures of the skyline)
  • Motion
  • Stride by
  • Night

This is a portrait shot. You can break the rules if your pictures tell a story or show emotion.

Night time pictures can be difficult to make but can help you emphasis subjects through your use of light. You can add interest as well such as the extra character at the side of the picture looking back at the main subject adds a sprinkle of mystery to this scene!

Motion allows you to blur the background for a moving object or blur the moving object itself. The latter is difficult in a small town but allows you to be creative!

Look up pictures work best with lots of skyscrapers so again you have to be creative in a small town. Try getting really close to the building or make your picture at night to make the building really pop!

Stride buys usually involve people walking through an interesting scene. Try different perspectives to add interest or shadows to add subjects.

There are lots of great places in a Dumaguete to make interesting street photography. You just have to get out there and overcome your fear of making pictures of strangers. A smile really help!

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1 on October 18, 2017

Great work so far! I’m always interested in street photography that’s different from the usual “tall buildings, busy streets” kind. Cheers!

on October 20, 2017

Thanks! It certainly is different here! At first I found it to be difficult but it  forces me to be creative!


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