ADMIN REQUEST (new functionnality needed)

Updated on June 7, 2017 in Critique
2 on June 6, 2017


This forum is a great idea and I really like it. 

I just have a small request : is it possible to add a function to get notify by email in case of reply on a specific topic ? (A topic we create, or participate or choose to follow). 

It’ll make things much easier to follow.

Who would like that too ?

Thanks, and nice day everyone. 

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1 on June 6, 2017

This was implemented at the beginning of the FORUM but it was removed due to complaints. I think if this function could be toggled on or off it would be great since I personally would prefer not to get an email on every reply on a post.

on June 7, 2017

Yep, it would be great that way. 

I don’t need a mail to every reply on a post, just on my comments & post. Thats enough. 

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