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For whom like me who loves abstract photography I´d like to discuss main issues on this genre of photography…I´ve been reading quite good stuff on the web lately and decided to shoot more on this genre….here is one exemple of my shots…I´d appreciate kowing your feeelings on this particular photograph as well as your general thoughts on abstract photography….. cheers….antonio from brasil

– “Abstract photography is about telling your story through aesthetics and elements of composition more so than through a subject.”
– “When you’re able to” see beyond the subject, “your abstract photos will grow better and better.” (photographylife.com/abstract-photography-tips-and-ideas).

The photo in question is more of a semi abstract than a 100% abstract, since the subject itself is identifiable – the dunes and, in this case, the ‘Lençóis Maranhenses’, Brasil – (but, at the same time, it may look like snow instead of sand), and the aesthetic of the photo and elements of its composition as the contours of the dunes and the play of lights and shadows, give it the abstract character.

photo: antonio mozeto / magic rectangle
Nikon D60 + Nikon 55-105mm.
Post processing in JPG file: Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed.

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